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Monday, December 31, 2007

A new year and the start of a blog

I sent a friend a review of two beers, complete with photo. He said that I should "do a blog". Soon afterwards, blogs started to make sense to me. Why not legitimize my interest in beer and brewing a little more? Why not archive all of my beer and brewing notes for me and maybe others to learn from? There are many other ideas...meaning more reasons to do a blog.
So my first posting will be that review I sent my friend:

Leffe and Affligem Blondes
The question has been bugging me lately and the only way to understand two beers that are similar in style are to put them side by side. So last night with beers in hand and my 15 month old daughter below (who was rather unappreciative of the inattention...I did make up for it) I decided to explore these to blondes.

Leffe is 6.6%. Affligem is 6.8% ABV.
The photo captures this fairly well. Both are of a golden color but the Leffe is darker, closer to an amber. The Leffe is quite clear while the Affligem has a cloudy appearance (perhaps wheat malt? unfiltered?).
The Affligem poured with a thicker head, about one inch while the Leffe poured about a half inch head.
Leffe seemed to have more. First smells were of continental malt and candy sugar. The Affligem had less aroma, I could pull out some smell of continental malt and a hint of spice.
Both were a medium mouthfeel.
Both were similiar taste wise with a slight bitter note in the after taste. The Affligem seemed balanced and smooth with a little spice, a little fruitiness and a hint of spice on the finish. The Leffe was spicier with a touch of clove being present as well as some fruitiness. It had a spice finish with a slight taste of candi suger.
I enjoyed both and they are drinkable for sure. The Affligem was smooth and more subtle. A pleasure to drink.
The Leffe had spices that were more present but definitely not obnoxious. They mixed will with the slight candy sugar smells and tastes. I think it stands on its own. Actually an excellent Blonde for the Christmas season.

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