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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rainy Day Project....CO2 QDs

It has been raining a lot the past month or so and I haven't brewed since right before the Holidays. I don't stop thinking about beer or brewing so I thought I would make my life a little easier during this "downtime" by adding quick disconnects to my co2 systems.

I now have two co2 tanks and regulators (I have been wanting to get a second tank so that I always have a backup or something I can take offsite and hook up to a keg....and still have something available at home) but since the second tank has added even more gas line management, I decided it was time for QDs (anything I can do to make my things easier).
All the QDs were purchased at Part #H550.

Close up of the female end. These QDs will shutoff and hold pressure when disconnected.Now here are the "ends" I have to choose from. From left to right, general purpose....usually for pushing beer to secondary or bottling bucket, sanke tap, and corny keg....or in my case I use for pressurizing plastic bottles with carb caps:

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