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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yeast notes

In the short time since I returned to brewing I have used three different White lab yeast strains
  • WLP001 California Ale
  • WLP028 Edinburgh
  • WLP004 Irish Ale

While I can't yet comment on the affect Edinburgh and Irish have on the taste on the end product, it is important to note how they act during fermentation. Cal Ale and Irish were similar for me in that that have a quick frementation. After the first two to four days, they start slowing down quite a bit. After about a week you may have a bubble in your airlock about every 20 seconds.

Edinburgh was quite different. While it started off with a vigorous ferment, it didn't slow down like Cal or Irish ale. When I went to an airlock after about 4 days, I was getting a bubble or two every two stayed this way for two weeks! After two weeks, it started to slow some over the course of the next week. I racked after three weeks and bottled after four weeks. This was for a scotch ale BTW.

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