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Monday, March 3, 2008

Beer special of the week

As we all know, beer prices have gone up. I have seen retail prices on six packs higher than 10 dollars. The good news is with a little thought and research, you can actually save more money and avoid the end effect of hops and barley prices going up.
Here is a shot of Gordon Biersch six packs from Safeway. Retail price of $8.29. Kind of an “ouch” but not too bad relatively speaking.

Now look at the 12 pack prices of the same beer, one shelf below (the empty slot is where the Marzen was). The $12.99 for a 12 pack translates to 6.50 a sixer for the same beer…..of course you have to commit to a 12 pack…not a stretch. So for the price of a 12 pack you are saving 3.59 over the price of two individual six packs. Hops and barley prices be damed!
This takes the use of a Safeway card to get the special price but I am still using the phone number from my wife’s old apartment….I am not sure how long the specials run but both Andronicos and Safeway last at least a week if not more. BTW, Andronico’s, as pricey as they are, had a long running special on all Lagunitas beer for $6.99 a six pack, so I never take this store out of the running.
The main point here is don't stick to your favorite six pack of beer and that's it. Be open to what is on sale and keep an eye on 12 pack and case prices. You can keep the cost of beer down this way.

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