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Monday, March 3, 2008

Found! Anderson Valley DIPA

I had some spare time so I stopped off at the Orinda Bevmo to look around. This is one of more favorite Bevmos since they seem to always have something new or unusual. They didn’t disappoint. Near the end of my browsing, I fortunately spotted the bombers of Anderson Valley 20th anniversary Double IPA! I bought two bombers but I ended up going back the next day and buying two more. On top of it, this Bevmo had a blowout on Three Stooges bottle openers….only 25 cents each! I bought five.The Anderson Valley 20th has a beautiful label that really stands out. I appreciate this because it really makes you look forward to the beer that is inside. As usual, I already had a couple beers prior to trying my first bottle, so I didn’t have the best sampling conditions. What I do remember was a wonderful aroma that was a good balance of hops and malt. The taste had lots of hop goodness with less malt taste than in the aroma. The finish was a swirl of hop flavors that were tastefully present (not too bitter) and pleasant linger. Looking forward to the next three bombers! If you can find this one, buy it!

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