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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ledgers…the best in the east bay!

I have to give props to Ledgers. They are simply the best store in the area for beer. Below I mentioned being lucky to find the Anderson Valley 20th Anniversary beer at a Bevmos. Just as soon as I posted that, I realized that I didn’t check out Ledgers. Of course it turns out Ledgers has a good half dozen cases of the beer.
Storeowner, Ed, is a great guy. I have had a couple of different conversations with him at the store. He is friendly and will listen to requests. A few months back, he started getting most styles from Lost Abbey. I know I asked for it! Ledgers is also the only place I have seen Ommegang’s Ommegeddeon.
It has a “bottleshop” feel to it since everything is individually priced. Ledgers is located at the corner of Acton and University in Berkeley.

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