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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A couple of retail beer faux pas…..

Here is the craft beer selection at my local beer stop. Right around the corner from it is a smaller but just as well thought out selection of English, Belgian, and German imports. So overall, not too shabby for a small space.
One day they pulled what was mainly Moylan’s bombers out of the local craft brew section and replaced it with some imported German beer. Not only did they lose great beer from a local craft brewery but also they put in something that belongs in their import section around the corner. That beer hasn’t sold much from what I’ve seen (I haven't heard of Reutberger). I talked to the staff about this but no change yet.
Right to the left of this, I notice the bottles of Smirnoff ice….I guess the stocker figured that the bottle was roughly the same size as the others. Sad contrast to the wonderful Brother David’s next to it.What to do. I'll talk to them again and see if they need a volunteer to run the beer section....

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