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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nut Brown Ale…further notes

Looks like spring is here. My basement can only keep my fermentations down to 68 degrees at this point. During the winter I had the luxury of being able to ferment down to the lowest Ale fermentation temp necessary. I do like 65 degrees as this keeps the fruit flavors more in check. Nothing wrong with 68 however and that’s what we’ll go with. I’ve adjusted my temp controller to 67 so that it will only cool to 66 before the heat kicks in, although I doubt it will get that low. In a couple days, I’ll start raising the temp control a degree every other day so that I’ll keep the yeast from going dormant too soon and hopefully get some good attenuation.

Here’s my daughter wondering why there are burps and bubbles coming out of that bucket.

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