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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Junket…a great German deli and beer stop

I have to thank my wife for this find! She kept telling me about it and I finally went for myself. It was tough to actually find the place, even though it is very local for me. The storefront is pretty non-descript and set near the back of the non-descript El Cerrito mall.
What’s great? They have a pretty decent beer fridge for a deli: Most German beer styles in 500ml bottles, some Fullers, and some American Craft. The wonderful thing is that the have Köstritzer on tap! Available in Schwarzbierbrauerei glassware in third, half, and full liter! Excitedly, I ordered a half liter with a corned beef sandwich. Since it was only 11:30am and I had my 18 month old daughter in tow, I of course worried that I would get a nasty look from any lurking neo-prohibitionists. No chance. I saw other customers happily taking their lunch to their tables with lager in tow. Wonderful. I ate my sandwich and drank my Schwartzbier and chased my escaping daughter around the deli.
The woman I ordered from I believe was Cindy, one of the owners. Very nice and very helpful.Can’t wait to go back next weekend and have my sandwich and Schwartzbier….or if it is hot, perhaps a Kölsch.

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