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Monday, March 31, 2008

Whole Foods – “whole markup”?….not for beer!

On my way back to the house Saturday, I had just time enough to swing by a Whole Foods to see what they had beer-wise. I assumed everything would be pretty costly there as the nickname of the store, Whole Markup or Whole Paycheck, goes. I have to say I was pretty impressed and saw some of the best prices I have seen in a bit. First of all, Boont Amber for 7.49…..same price as Trader Joes…and I never believed that Whole Foods would equal it. Couple other deals, as the receipt shows: Red Nectar Ale for 6.49 and Köstritzer for 2.29 (hopefully it is fresh).
I guess my opinion of Whole Food's prices (for beer) have changed for now.

…oh, and Sierra Nevada Bigfoot for 8.99 a six pack. Unheard of. Must be a mistake…but one you should take advantage of.

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Anonymous said...

Good to know! Thanks!